OMG - What a wonderful run!
story by: Carole Nix
photos by: Karen Misiuk & Dottie LaGreca

We met at the Target parking lot with a departure time of 9:30 AM. There were 12 cars. One red, one green, one blue, two yellows, two blacks and the rest were gray. General consensus is that we traveled apx 130 miles round trip.

We traveled north on the 215 freeway to Cajon Pass. We took the 138 offramp and turned left. Our first stop was in Little Rock at Charley Brown's, they are the mega mart of gift stores/curio stores. There's a restaurant area and market area also. George got a shake while I shopped. I bought a bag of Boston Baked Beans for George, Toffee covered peanuts for Scott and a couple of jump ropes for the girls. Then I found the giant pickles (60 cents a piece). Sandra and I took turns helping our selves. I brought three home with me.

Next back onto highway 138 to the first red light for a left turn. A lot of us cut through the parking lot of a corner store as the light was terribly slow. We traveled on to the "Devil's Punch Bowl" in Pearblossom. What a view! There is a 1/4 mile and 1 mile hiking trail. Before some of the members decided to take a hike on the short trail, a park ranger took a group photo along with our mascot - the Gooy Duck.

There was a display of owls (live) and snakes (also live). Several of the members sat on the benches and enjoyed the weather and gentle breeze.

We left the Devil's Punch Bowl and traveled the back way to Wrightwood. The road had plenty to twist & turns. We stopped along the way to get a group photo of the cars. George was on the look out for traffic and slowed people down so no one got run over. We had people all over the place and out in the road taking pictures. Joe LaGreca climbed up the side of the hill to get a better angle. Don Winters and Rocky Jensen also went up the hill. The large root that Rocky grabbed ahold of to help pull himself up decided to give way. Rocky was alright as he did not lose his balance and fall. Joe LaGreca gave Don and Rocky instructions on how to get down safely.

We arrived in Wrightwood before our reservation time so we were off to look in the shops. After having a yummy meal, we set a departure time and were off to the shops again. It seemed like those who were shopping all gravitated to the Christmas Store. Coming back home we took the back way from Wrightwood to the 138. More twist and turns. We hopped back onto the 15 freeway and came back home.

All in All, this has got to be one of the best runs that I have been on lately. We were "doing something with our car" - driving and enjoying the local roads that we didn't know were there.


Thanks to Rocky Jensen for a great time with our Corvettes and Friends.

October IEC Club Run 2008